Design and capabilities
Coversun's very high quality extruded-aluminum structure, together with the efficiency of the Micron photovoltaic modules produced by Cappello Alluminio are also reflected in their elegant and functional design, having a harmonious effect on the assembly, that can be fully integrated with the architectural needs of modern structures whether they be residential buildings, industrial plants, or commercial facilities.

With Coversun, the cables and the electrical parts of the photovoltaic  plant are located inside the building, guaranteeing simple, safe, and functional maintenance.

Coversun changes the interior and exterior appearance of the buildings on which it is installed:
  • More livable interiors;
  • The luminosity of the rooms, guaranteed by the expansive windows and by the white square-textured background reproduced on the back of the Micron photovoltaic modules;
  • An attractive estethic impact, thanks to the large assortment of colors that can be applied to the aluminum structure.
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