The innovation that gives
Even today, the problem of restoring certain types of roofing for industrial buildings made with asbestos panels or panels composed of other materials detrimental to health is particularly felt.

Restoration work up to now has been limited to the replacement of above-mentioned materials with alternative solutions involving considerable expense for companies.

Coversun is an innovative and revolutionary solution that can fill the need for an effective and eco-compatible industrial roofing which is at the same time efficacious in terms of economics, capable of generating significant economic efficiencies.

Being a total-architectural-integration solar plant, Coversun allows users to benefit from the maximum incentives anticipated in the special Italian solar-energy subsidy, “conto energia”; this too can be supplemented by possible financial incentives deriving from the removal of any asbestos-containing Eternit panels: in this case, the incentivizing rate for the energy produced with a photovoltaic plant automatically increases by 5%. 
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