Installation on each type of roof

Mounting sequence
As it happens for the normal installation of roof tiles, the system Coversun FaldaUnica is to be assembled starting from the bottom to the top. From the position of module 1, thanks to the special profile with slides and to the upper and lower housings, you can obtain the traditional overlapping effect that makes FaldaUnica esthetically pleasant and.

For each roof its Coversun FaldaUnica
Suitable for different types of covering, FaldaUnica has a modularity extremely versatile thanks to the system of articulated joints with variable angles, which allows the application both on inclined roofs, single or double pitch, and on industrial coverings characterized by curvilinear roofs with big vaults or barrel roofs with large bending radius.

Coversun and Micron the ideal combination Coversun FaldaUnica is applicable to the whole range of Micron pv modules by Cappello Alluminio, already certified by TUV Intercert according to IEC 61215.

The great experience in completely integrated pv coverings, acquired by Cappello Group with the Coversun system on Y beams, has been fundamental for the realization of the new FaldaUnica. Guarantee of power for the best output of solar cells and the greatest insulation of the pv roof thanks to the new aluminium extruded profiles and EPDM waterproof gaskets that encourage a quick downflow of rain water and a functional discharge of snow.

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